Have fun with a choice of more than a dozen color themes on this website.

In the upper right corner of each page of this site is the Theme menu. Click on it to show the menu, then choose the theme you want. Choose your theme preference once, and that theme will be in effect throughout the site. When you allow cookies for this site, a cookie is used to set and remember your theme. Cookies from this site are used only for setting a theme, nothing else.

If you do not allow cookies for this site, you can still choose a theme, but you have to do it for each web page. If you delete the cookie, select your theme preference again to recreate the cookie.

Choices of themes include:
  • 0. Spring Tea — Green on Black
  • 1. Eye Sear 1980 — Black on White
  • 2. Reverse Video — White on Black / HIGH CONTRAST
  • 3. Silver Mane — Dark Gray on Light Gray
  • 4. Gray Hawk — Light Gray on Dark Gray
  • 5. Ocean View — Cyan on Black
  • 6. Blue Boy — Blue on Black
  • 7. Pinkie — Pink on Black
  • 8. Hot Sunset — Red on Black
  • 9. Painter’s Palette — Orange on Black
  • 10. Yellowjacket — Yellow on Black
  • 11. Royal Vista — Violet on Black
  • 12. Coral Reef — Coral on Black

Some color-intensive sections, e.g., the Tech Timetable, keep some of their colors despite a theme change.

Additional Viewing Tips

You can override colors (such as text, background, unvisited links, visited links) for any website via your browser. On Firefox, see:
Edit | Preferences | Content | Colors

Please realize that different eyes see things in different ways and that different browsers and monitors show colors in different ways.

If you still have trouble seeing this or any other website or application, try the following:
  • Use Ctrl-= to increase the size of text on a web page. (Ctrl-- is used to decrease text size on a web page.)
  • Set your monitor’s Contrast to 75% or more.
  • Set your monitor’s Brightness to 50% or more.
  • Lower the ambient light level.
  • Use your operating system’s Font and/or Accessibility settings to change the size and/or type of font.
  • Rest your eyes for a couple minutes every hour that you look at a monitor.
  • Exercise your eyes by alternating focusing on a distant object, then focusing on a close object.