Linux Mint Quick Links  

LMI will no longer be updated (August 2018).
These are quick links into various parts of the Linux Mint sites.

Main Links

Main Blog: General Linux Mint News
This is the place to get the latest news on releases and important events within the Linux Mint community.
You can also check out the Browser Start Pages, below, corresponding to the release you use.
Linux Mint Main Website
Linux Mint Forums
Segfault Blog: News from the Linux Mint Development Team
Detail and Development-Specific Linux Mint News
Documentation / User Guides
Linux Mint IRC Help Channel Rules & Guidelines
Donating to Linux Mint


Roadmap — formatted for your reading enjoyment

Roadmap — unformatted text on GitHub

Developer Center

Mint Developer Center
Links to how to contribute to programming projects and documentation.

Cinnamon Spices

Cinnamon Spices
Allows you to download:
You can also login to upload the themes, applets, desklets and extensions you have created.