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While EarthNeptune.com remains, the Linux Mint Index will no longer be updated (August 2018). This is after more than two and a half years of development and maintenance. The links and information contained herein will continue to exist on EarthNeptune.com, and they should continue to be valid.


I am sure I could give you dozens of reasons why I don't use Mint anymore. And most of those reasons would be fact (along with a few opinions). But I am not interested in propagating unnecessary negativity.

I was using Mint as my main OS from mid-2010 through the end of 2017—seven and a half years. Now I am not interested. Mint was great when I first started using it. Then, in my opinion, Mint made bad decisions, one after another, for years. By the end of 2017, I had no compelling reason to stay with Mint, and many reasons not to use Mint. Like I said, now I am not interested in it.


Since the beginning of 2018, my main OS has been antiX. antiX has a very low memory footprint and has all the best applications that most people need. I have also heard good things about MX Linux (made in collaboration with antiX).

In addition, I am trying out Devuan 2.0. The default Devuan Xfce works great on my old, 1998 computer (700 MHz, 512 Meg RAM)! My main system has Devuan LXQt as well.



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